Research directions / Objectives

 The Polymer & Colloid Science Group activities are directed towards the basic understanding of the structure-properties relationship in soft matter. This is accomplished through systematic approaches on carefully selected projects utilizing a range of powerful, high spatial and time resolution experimental techniques. We focus our attention towards model polymeric and colloidal systems with special consideration to dynamical properties. We mostly rely on close collaboration with a number of pioneering chemists for providing the appropriate systems. The main mastered experimental techniques are light scattering and rheology. The selected research problems should help explore the behavior of soft matter under equilibrium as well as out-of-equilibrium conditions. The ultimate goal is obtaining predictive power for tailoring the dynamic response of soft matter systems. Our effort is also directed towards the development of specific experimental tools.

The main general interest includes:

  • Dynamic of soft systems in dense solutions of polymeric and colloidal (soft and hard) systems,
  • Rheology of soft matter systems, polymeric and colloidal systems.


Research Topics

Relating the Microscopic structure and dynamics to the macroscopic flow in colloidal Soft matter
Self-Organization and Flow of Low-Functionality Telechelic Star Polymers with Varying Attraction
E. Moghimi, I. Chubak, A. Statt, M. P. Howard, D. Founta, G. Polymeropoulos, K. Ntetsikas, N. Hadjichristidis, A. Z. Panagiotopoulos, C. N. Likos, D. Vlassopoulos
ACS Macro Lett., Volume:8, Issue:7, Page:766, Year:2019,
Constraint Release Mechanisms for H-Polymers Moving in Linear Matrices of Varying Molar Masses
H. Lentzakis, S. Costanzo, D. Vlassopoulos, R. H. Colby, D. J. Read, E. van Ruymbeke
Macromolecules, Volume:52, Page:3010, Year:2019,
Hybrid Dendronized Polymers as Molecular Objects: Viscoelastic Properties in the Melt
S. Costanzo, L. Scherz, G. Floudas, R. Pasquino, M. Kröger, A. D. Schlüter, D. Vlassopoulos
Macromolecules, Volume:52, Page:7331, Year:2019,
A high-frequency piezoelectric rheometer with validation of the loss angle measuring loop: application to polymer melts and colloidal glasses
T. Athanasiou, G.K. Auernhammer, D. Vlassopoulos, and G. Petekidis
Rheol Acta, Volume:58, Page:619, Year:2019,
Molecularly Designed Interfacial Viscoelasticity by Dendronized Polymers: From Flexible Macromolecules to Colloidal Objects
L. F. Scherz, B. Schroyen, M. Pepicelli, D. A. Schlüter, Jan Vermant, D. Vlassopoulos
ACS Nano, Volume:13, Issue:12, Page:14217, Year:2019,
Short and Soft: Multidomain Organization, Tunable Dynamics, and Jamming in Suspensions of Grafted Colloidal Cylinders with a Small Aspect Ratio
D. Parisi, Y. Ruan, G. Ochbaum, K. S. Silmore, L. L. Cullari, C.-Y. Liu, R. Bitton, O. Regev, J. W. Swan, B. Loppinet, D. Vlassopoulos
Langmuir, Volume:35, Issue:52, Page:17103, Year:2019,
Bulk rheometry at high frequencies: a review of experimental approaches
B. Schroyen, D. Vlassopoulos, P. Van Puyvelde, Jan Vermant
Rheol Acta, Volume:59, Page:1, Year:2020,
Stress Relaxation in Symmetric Ring-Linear Polymer Blends at Low Ring Fractions
D. Parisi, J. Ahn, T. Chang, D. Vlassopoulos, M. Rubinstein
Macromolecules, Volume:53, Issue:5, Page:1685, Year:2020,


Prof. Vlassopoulos Dimitris
University Faculty Member
Prof. Petekidis George
University Faculty Member
Dr. Loppinet Benoit
Principal Researcher
Prof. Filippidi Emmanouela
University Faculty Member

Technical Staff

Ms. Larsen Antje
Mr. Mavromanolakis Antonis

Research Associates

Dr. Moghimi Esmaeel
PostDoctoral Fellow


Mr. Athanassiou Thanasis
Ph.D. student
Ms. Carillo Consiglia
Ph.D. student
Ms. Pyromali Christina
Ph.D. student
Mr. Burger Nikos
M.Sc. student
Ms. Founta Dimitra
M.Sc. student
Mr. Kalafatakis Nikos
M.Sc. student
Mr. Munteanu Andrei
M.Sc. student
Mr. Vereroudakis Manos
M.Sc. student


Dr. Alexandris Stelios
PostDoctoral Fellow