Recently upgraded, the electronics lab now offers a series of advanced design and fabrication capabilities such as:

  • Analogue circuits such as instrumentation amplifiers, detection circuits etc
  • Medium to high frequency analogue systems
  • Small of medium power / voltage electronics such as programmable sources, pulsers etc
  • Advanced user interfaces either with human interfaces such as touch screens or with computers (serial, wi-fi and other)
  • Digital electronics such as micro-controllers, sensors, actuators and similar automation technologies

Our mission is to answer your electronic needs either by finding a commercially available circuit you can directly use or designing / creating one for you to enhance research capability within the Institute.

The lab also offers repair services to the degree possible for equipment that is deprecated or beyond end of life and cannot be replaced / upgraded.

If you need to ask for a service please contact George Gousis .



Dr. Deligeorgis George
Principal Researcher

Technical Staff

Mr. Gousis George
Mr. Makris George
Technical Scientist


Mr. Koutsaidis John
Dr. Ladopoulos Vlassis
Senior application Scientist
  1. Extensive stock of electronics
  2. 3D printer for UI creation
  3. SMD working station (Coming soon)
  4. Reflow oven (coming soon)
  5. Power supplies, oscilloscopes etc