The group is fundamentally interested in complex systems and applications. After making several contributions in the area of nonlinear metamaterials we focused on superconducting metamaterials were we brought about new properties such as left handedness, existence of breathers and chimeras and various other nonlinear modes. Currently our work is targeting the merging of complex systems with machine learning (ML) and attempts to produce meaningful and useful applications.

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rf superconducting quantum interference device metamaterials
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Prof. Tsironis Giorgos
University Faculty Member

Research Associates

Dr. Chitzanidi (Hizanidis) Ioanna (Johanne)
PostDoctoral Fellow
Dr. Barmparis Georgios D.
PostDoctoral Fellow


Dr. Neofotistos Georgios
University Faculty Member
Dr. Lazaridis Nikos (Nick)
Junior Researcher
Mr. Margiolakis Athanasios
Ph.D. student
Ms. Villia Maria - Myrto
M.Sc. student
Ms. Papadaki Aikaterini
M.Sc. student