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Dr. Athanasiou Thanasis
PostDoctoral Fellow


  • 1987, Bachelor in Naval engineering, Naval Academy Athens, Greece
  • 2018, MSc, Material Science Dep., University of Crete, Greece


  • Since 2015 Polymer & Colloid Science Group,FORTH - IESL, Greece


  • Arrested phases of soft matter
  • Rheometry and structure of colloidal glasses, hydrogels, polymer melts
  • Enhancement of conventional rheometric techniques
  • High frequency oscillatory rheometry
A high-frequency piezoelectric rheometer with validation of the loss angle measuring loop: application to polymer melts and colloidal glasses
Thanasis Athanasiou, Gunter K. Auernhammer, Dimitris Vlassopoulos, George Petekidis
Rheol Acta, Volume:58, Page:619, Year:2019, DOI: