Research directions / Objectives

A wide range of laser spectroscopic methods are employed for studying key properties of novel materials at the atomic, molecular or nano-scale and for determining the composition of complex materials.

In this context, employing ultrafast time-resolved methodologies we investigate the dynamics of fundamental processes in the condensed phase which govern the macroscopic properties of matter. Materials of interest range from molecular architectures mimicking photosynthesis to 3-D photonic nanocrystals and from laser-induced plasmas to strongly correlated systems. Furthermore, by way of advanced laser pulse tailoring schemes we investigate how non-conventional excitation of matter can lead to novel functions and properties of materials.

We also work on the development of optical sensing systems based on tailor-made nanostructures fabricated by use of laser-based techniques coupled to chemical growth methods.

In parallel, we explore versatile spectrochemical methods and develop relevant instrumentation for analysis of materials responding to a broad range of challenges extending from cultural heritage diagnostics to monitoring industrial processes.

Ultrafast and nonlinear light-matter interactions:

  • Study of ultrafast light-matter interactions in bulk and nanostructured materials with strong electronic correlations and nonlinear properties.
  • Control of ultrafast processes during laser-mater interactions with temporal pulse shaping.
  • Study of nonlinear optical properties of 3-D photonic materials.

Analytical spectroscopy and instrumentation:

  • Nanosecond and Femtosecond LIBS for the analysis of solids and liquids. Study of plasma dynamics.
  • LIBS linked to SSI-MS (sonic spray ionization mass spectrometry) for the analysis of biomolecules.
  • Development of compact/portable laser-based analytical instrumentation (mobile LIBS, stand-off LIBS, mobile micro-Raman).
  • Applications of laser spectroscopic tools in relation to industrial process monitoring.


  • Laser fabricated micro/nano-structured materials as room-temperature optical sensors.
  • Molecular and nanoparticle photophysics and photochemistry – Optical thermometry.


Research Topics

Scientific Staff

Prof. Anglos Demetrios
University Faculty Member
Dr. Loukakos Panagiotis
Principal Researcher
Dr. Klini Argyro
Principal application Scientist
Dr. Gray David
Principal application Scientist

Technical Staff

Mr. Eglezis Apostolos

Research Associates

Dr. Siozos Panagiotis
PostDoctoral Fellow
Dr. Kokkinaki Olga
PostDoctoral Fellow


Mr. Marmatakis Konstantinos
M.Sc. student
Mr. Karanikolopoulos Dimitris
Ph.D. student
Ms. Polychronaki Maria
M.Sc. student
Ms. Pigiaki Maria
M.Sc. student
Mr. Balanos Constantinos
Undergraduate trainee
Ms. Bitzilou Ioulia
Undergraduate trainee


Ms. Christaki Emmy
M.Sc. student

Infrastructure Equipment

Ultrafast Laser Amplifier repetition rate 1 kHz, center wavelength 800 nm, maximum pulse energy 0.8 mJ, minimum pulse duration 25 fs