Measuring the absolute carrier-envelope phase of many-cycle laser fields

The carrier-envelope phase (CEP) of high-peak-power, many-cycle laser fields becomes a crucial parameter when such fields are used, in conjunction with polarization gating techniques, in isolated attosecond (asec) pulse generation. However, its measurement has not been achieved so far.We demonstrate a physical process sensitive to the CEP value of such fields and describe a method for its online shot-to-shot monitoring. This work paves the way for the exploitation of energetic isolated asec pulses in studies of nonlinear extreme ultraviolet (XUV) processes and XUV-pump–XUV-probe experiments with asec resolutions.

P. Tzallas et al., Phys. Rev. A 82, 061401(R) (2010)

Scientific Staff

Prof. Charalambidis Dimitris
Professor Emeritus
Dr. Tzallas Paraskevas
Research Director