Research Divisions

The Applied Photonics & Light-Matter Interactions Division covers a wide range of activities relative to modern light science and its application in the research of the properties of novel materials using advanced spectroscopic and imaging methods. 

Soft Matter Science is a highly interdisciplinary field comprising fundamental Physics, challenging Chemistry and a wide range of applications related with Materials and Chemical Engineering as well as Biology and Bioengineering.

The Fundamental Photonics Division addresses the areas of strong field physics, nonlinear dynamics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, chemical dynamics, complex photonics, quantum optics and information.

The division encompasses the compound semiconductor and 2D materials micro/nanoelectronics group (MRG), the group for transparent and conductive materials (TCM), the photonic, phononic and metamaterials group (PPM), the quantum materials and magnetism group (QMM) and two purely theoretical groups, the Quantum theory of materials one (QTM) and the Non-linear and statistical physics one (NSP).