Pilot line production of transceiver modules of the next generation of smart RF power applications
Start Date: 01/09/2019,     End Date: 31/08/2022

SMARTEC aims to implement a new generation of RF power modules based on a monolithic integration of coplanar GaN MMIC and capacitive RF-MEMS switches for higher integration, higher performances and lower cost production.A pilot line production will be dedicated for the fabrication these T/R modules based to address the needs of European markets. SMARTEC project is funded by H2020 program under the grant agreement Number 869817.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Konstantinidis George
Research Director

Scientific Staff

Dr. Deligeorgis George
Principal Researcher

Technical Staff

Mr. Stavrinidis Antonis
Technical Scientist
Mr. Kostopoulos Thanasis
Technical Scientist
Mr. Stavrinidis George
Technical Scientist
Ms. Tsagaraki Katerina
Technical Scientist
Ms. Kayambaki Maria
Technical Scientist
Ms. Kontomitrou Vasiliki (Valia)
Technical Scientist

Research Associates

Dr. Michalas Loukas
PostDoctoral Fellow


Mr. Koliakoudakis Charidimos (Harris)
Ph.D. student
Dr. Trichas Emmanouil
PostDoctoral Fellow


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