iPEN:Innovative Photonics Education in Nanotechnology
Start Date: 15/10/2017,     End Date: 14/10/2020

iPEN (Innovative Photonics Education in Nanotechnology) aims to provide an education training program to young researchers (postgraduate, Research students) in the most common used photonic tools and techniques in a Nanotechnology Laboratory. The project will include the development of online & offline modules, as well as, the organization of intensive courses, that will foster the photonic learning skills and build the confidence of young researchers in the field of Nanotechnologies.

The iPEN project targets to cultivate and offer training in three sections: (1) in photonics skills requested from the nanotechnology and market needs, (2) in soft skills most requested from the market needs; and (3) in teaching, offline and online, skills of the academics in order to become better teachers.


Principal Investigator

Dr. Stratakis Emmanuel
Research Director

Research Associates

Dr. Konidakis Ioannis
PostDoctoral Fellow
Dr. Kostopoulou Athanasia
PostDoctoral Fellow
Dr. Brintakis Konstantinos
PostDoctoral Fellow


Dr. Psilodimitrakopoulos Sotiris
PostDoctoral Fellow
Dr. Serpetzoglou Efthymis
PostDoctoral Fellow
Mr. Skoulas Evangelos
Ph.D. student