Current approach in nanotechnology R&D facility use had many bottlenecks :

  • Multiple locations of instruments
  • Many contact points
  • Not clear capabilities of each facility 
  • Tedious integration of experimental process and data analysis
  • Difficult negotiations for accessing state of the art infrastructure

The Single Entry Point (SEP) : on this portal allows accessing the overall list of tools and methods available and submitting a comprehensive proposal. 
After submission, the technical feasibility of each project step will be assessed by the Technical Liaison Network (TLNet).
Feasible proposals will then be evaluated and ranked according to scientific merit by an external panel of reviewers (ARP).
The best-ranked proposals are assigned to the most appropriate NFFA-Europe site/sites, guaranteeing free access to the most appropriate combination of methods and instruments.


Funded from europe

Dr. Stratakis Emmanuel
Research Director
Dr. Pissadakis Stavros
Research Director