Science Projects
China-Greece Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on CH Conservation Technology
IPERION-HS, Integrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science
Innovative photocatalytic paints for healthy environment and energy saving
ACceleraTing Photonics Deployment viA one STop shop Advanced Technology Access for Researchers
Novel Cold Plasma-Induced Inorganic Network Formation in Nanohybrid Polymer Electrolytes for Water Splitting
Agile Data Acquisition: Record Polarimetry & Quantum Optics measurements
Predictive Reliability for High Power RF MEMS
Comparative study using classical chemical analytical techniques, combined with innovative spectroscopic methods based on photonics and machine learning for the authenticity and origin detection of Greek honey
Intelligent Reliability 4.0
Development of rapid methods for checking the safety, quality and identity of dairy products in Crete