Start Date: 01/09/2022,     End Date: 31/08/2026

ReMade@ARI project is committed to supporting the development of innovative, sustainable materials by providing scientists with analytical tools to explore the properties and structure of materials right down to atomic resolution.

"Earth Overshoot Day", on which we have consumed more than the sustainable resources available to us, is continuously shifting towards the beginning of a year. In 2022, this date was July 28, i.e., we are consuming 175% of the amount of resources that would be sustainable. A way to reverse this trend is to move away from a linear economy toward a circular system where materials are fully reused and recycled. The European Union has committed itself to support this transition to a European circular economy.

ReMade@Ari (Recyclable Materials Development@Analytical Research Infrastructures) is the response to this call of more than 50 European facilities from the Analytical Research Infrastructures in Europe (ARIE). The aim of this EU project is to support materials research and development for a circular economy of key components in the most diverse sectors, such as electronics, batteries, vehicles, construction, packaging, plastics, textiles and food production. We will support researchers from academia and industry by providing our broad expertise in materials synthesis, modification and characterization techniques as well as our unique analytical instruments at large scale facilities and specialized labs using photons, electrons, neutrons, ions, positrons and highest magnetic fields. Our expert network and a pool of junior researchers specialized in the specific techniques will provide advice during the proposal preparation as well as active support during the beamtimes and the data analysis in this trans-national access project. The new approach in this trans-national access project is to combine a least two complementary techniques from the different ARIE networks to address the scientific and analytical questions in a comprehensive manner and to foster interdisciplinary approaches.


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Prof. Anglos Demetrios
University Faculty Member
Dr. Konstantaki Mary
Principal application Scientist
Dr. Pissadakis Stavros
Research Director
Dr. Loukakos Panagiotis
Principal Researcher