PrintWin: Low cost inkjet printable perovskite solar glass panes
Start Date: 28/06/2018,     End Date: 27/06/2021

This project is focused on the development of perovskite solar cells (PSC) by means of low-cost inkjet printing methods with the aim of creating advanced high-performance photovoltaic prototypes that can easily be extended to an industrial production line.


The two main goals of this collaborative project are to promote fundamental knowledge of a promising photovoltaic (PV) technology based on new perovskite material and to develop a low-cost, scalable methodology that will allow the technology transfer to larger PV industrial modules.


Principal Investigator

Dr. Stratakis Emmanuel
Research Director

Research Associates

Dr. Konidakis Ioannis
PostDoctoral Fellow


Dr. Savva Kyriaki
PostDoctoral Fellow
Mr. Skoulas Evangelos
Ph.D. student
Mr. Mimidis Alexandros
Ph.D. student
Dr. Serpetzoglou Efthymis
PostDoctoral Fellow
Brite Hellas AE
Technological Educational Institute of Crete
Technological Educational Institution of Western Greece


Ereyno Dimiourgo Kainotomo