AIMS 5.0
Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing leading to Sustainability and Industry 5.0
Start Date: 01/05/2023,     End Date: 30/04/2026

Within the framework of AIMS 5.0 the FORTH team envisions to develop machine learning based methodologies and clean-room operation protocols that will enable the optimized use of the nanofabrication facilities. These optimization tasks are considering both personnel effort and facilities and resources utilized, towards an overall greener nanotechnology approach.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Michalas Loukas
PostDoctoral Fellow

Scientific Staff

Dr. Konstantinidis George
Research Director

Technical Staff

Ms. Kontomitrou Vasiliki (Valia)
Technical Scientist
Mr. Stavrinidis George
Technical Scientist
Mr. Kostopoulos Thanasis
Technical Scientist
Mr. Stavrinidis Antonis
Technical Scientist
Ms. Tsagaraki Katerina
Technical Scientist
Ms. Kayambaki Maria
Technical Scientist