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Prof. Tzortzakis Stelios
University Faculty Member

Brief CV


  • Modern Physics II (Quantum Mechanics)
  • Photonic Materials


  • Associate Professor, Materials Dept., University of Crete (2011-)
  • Principal Researcher, Deputy Director IESL-FORTH, Greece (2009-)


  • Nonlinear interactions of intense femtosecond laser pulses with matter.
  • Nonlinear laser propagation phenomena - filamentation.
  • Nonspreading wave packets in the linear and nonlinear regimes.
  • Intense tunable THz sources and THz nonlinear Optics.
  • Ultrafast dynamically tunable THz metamaterials.
  • Photonic structuring in the bulk of transparent solid materials.
  • Quantum and complexity physics with photonic lattices.
Janus Waves
D. G. Papazoglou, V. Y. Fedorov, and S. Tzortzakis
Janus Waves, Volume:41, Page:4656-4659, Year:2016, DOI: