Science Projects
ΕΟΦ: Alternative smart ocular implants with controlled ophthalmic pharmacokinetics
Ιnnovative polymer greenhouse films via application of functional coatings.
Photonics for Heritage Science - PAST PROJECTS
IQONIC: Innovative strategies, sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, reconfigurability, and recyclability of Manufacturing Optolectronics
Advanced 3D sculptured materials for catalysis NPRP11S-1128-170042, Qatar Foundation
Spin Wave Computing for Ultimately-Scaled Hybrid Low-Power Electronics
Ultrasensitive chiral detection by signal-reversing cavity polarimetry: applications to in-situ proteomics, single-molecule chirality, HPLC analysis, medical diagnostics, and atmospheric studies
Analogue Polariton Simulator - EDBM34
A novel wearable sensor for continues human gait analysis and evaluation
iPEN:Innovative Photonics Education in Nanotechnology