Science Projects
Development of an optical spectroscopy system prototype for fuel adulteration detection
Μεγάλης έκτασης νανοδομημένες λειτουργικές επιφάνειες κατασκευασμένες με συνδυασμό λιθογραφίας λέιζερ και με την συνεχή νανοεκτυπωτική λιθογραφική μέθοδο
Metamaterial based, radio frequency and millimetre wave phase shifters for future generation phased array antenna applications
Antiadhesive Bionic Combs for Handling of Nanofibers
Pilot line production of transceiver modules of the next generation of smart RF power applications
Innovative polymer-based composite systems for high-efficient energy scavenging and storage
Application of innovative optical methods to improve the quality of Greek wine through monitoring and control of winemaking parameters.
A novel and rational design of surface and interface oriented heterostructures for sustainable solar-driven photocatalytic hydrogen conversion
Thermochromic Nanomaterials for energy saving
Shear and extensional rheology of entangled ring polymer melts