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Ms. Zouridi Leila
Ph.D. student

Leila Zouridi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Materials Science and currently is a Ph.D. candidate at the Materials Science and Technology department at the University of Crete (UOC). The doctoral thesis focus is the synthesis of mixed conducting nanomaterials and the fabrication of electrochemical devices for solid oxide cells (SOCs). Current research interests include the synthesis, characterization, crystalline structure, and properties of nanomaterials, such as transition metals oxide semiconductors (TMO) and mixed ion-electron conductors (MIEC); the development of colloidal dispersions and thin film devices; and applications for sustainable energy production (solid oxide fuel cells and hydrogen technology) and energy-saving technologies (thermochromic coatings). Research activities are being conducted under the supervision of Prof. Vassilios Binas at IESL-FORTH facilities, in collaboration with facilities at UOC.


  • 2023: Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science and Technology; University of Crete, Greece
  • 2019: M.Sc. in Materials Science and Technology; University of Crete, Greece
  • 2017: B.Sc. in Chemistry; University of Crete, Greece

Scientific Interests

  • metal oxides and perovskite oxides
  • mixed conductors and semiconductors
  • synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials
  • additive manufacturing/printing
  • thin film devices and coatings
  • electrocatalysis and electrochemical cells
  • low-tech/energy-saving solutions and green chemistry


  • 2023: Excellence scholarship awarded by I.P.T.O./Α.Δ.Μ.Η.Ε. (Independent Power Transmission Operator) for research on Energy and Environment related topics during the Doctoral Thesis.
  • 2018: Participation and 2nd prize award in the ‘PowerUp! 2018 country final in Greece’ innovation competition for start-ups on environmental issues by the InnoEnergy EU.
  • 2017: Participation and mention award (4th place) in the ‘EYCN Photochimica’ competition on scientific photography organized by the EuCheMS – European Young Chemists’ Network.
  • 2011: Participation and 1st prize in the ‘Fotochemica’ science photography contest.


List of Selected Recent Publications

  • 2023: L. Zouridi, A. Vourros, I. Garagounis, G. Marnellos,V. Binas; Solvent-free direct salt precursor mechanochemical synthesis of La0.5Sr0.5Ti0.5Mn0.5O3-δ oxide perovskite and its electrocatalytic behavior as oxygen electrode for symmetrical solid oxide cells; Journal of Solid State Chemistry; 10.1016/j.jssc.2023.124293
  • 2022: L. Zouridi, I. Garagounis, A. Vourros, G. E. Marnellos,V. Binas; Advances in inkjet-printed Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; Advanced Materials Technologies; 10.1002/admt.202101491
  • 2022: L. Zouridi, E. Gagaoudakis, E. Mantsiou, T. Dragani, X. Maragaki, E. Aperathitis, G. Kiriakidis, V. Binas; The Effect of Additives on the Hydrothermal Synthesis and Thermochromic Performance of Monoclinic Vanadium Dioxide Powder; Oxygen; 10.3390/oxygen2040028
  • 2019: M. Xygkis, E. Gagaoudakis, L. Zouridi, O. Markaki, E. Aperathitis, K. Chrissopoulou, G. Kiriakidis, V. Binas; Thermochromic behavior of VO2/polymer nanocomposites for energy saving coatings; Coatings; 10.3390/coatings9030163