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Prof. Sotiropoulou Sophia
University Faculty Member

Sophia Sotiropoulou is physicist, University of Athens (1991), post graduated in Physical methods in Archaeology and Museography, Univ. of Bordeaux (1993) and PhD in Chemical Engineering at the NTUA (2000). She is devoted to heritage science, conducting research in the development of analytical strategies and optimization of methodologies for the study of a wide range of archaeological materials, artworks and heritage objects or structures. She has been specialized in applying imaging techniques, optical, photometric and spectroscopic methods for the analysis of materials, the study of mechanisms of natural aging and the characterization of paint surfaces (including optical, chemical and visually perceptible properties) of heritage objects.


  • 2000, Phd, National Technical University of Athens, Department of Chemical Engineering, Section of Materials Science, Greece
  • 1993, D.E.S.S.- “Méthodes Physiques en Archéologie et Muséographie”, BORDEAUX I (Department of Science and Technology), France
  • 1993, D.E.A. - “Histoire, Civilisation: Archéologie des mondes antiques”, University of BORDEAUX III (Department of Social and Human Sciences), France
  • 1992, D.E.U.G. History of Art, PARIS X NANTERRE (Paris Nanterre University). France
  • 1991, Diploma of Physics, Physics Department, School of Sciences, University of Athens, Greece


  • 2018 to present, Senior Research Associate, FORTH – Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser(IESL), Greece
  • 2010 to present, Assistant Module Coordinator (AMC) at "General Principles of Light, Hellenic Open University (HOU) - School of Applied Arts”- Master course "Lighting Design, Greece
  • 1996 to 2017, Senior researcher, “Ormylia” Foundation - Art Diagnosis Centre (OfADC) , GREECE
  • 1993 to 1996, Research Associate, N. C. S. R. “Demokritos”, Institute of Materials Science, Laboratory of Archaeometry , Greece


  • Heritage Science
  • Colour Science
  • Technology of Wall paintings
  • Pigments Analysis
  • Technical imaging
  • Molecular Spectroscopies (microRaman, FTIR)
  • XRF elemental analysis
  • Ancient Polychromy
  • Aegean Prehistory
  • Museum Lighting
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Year: 2006