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Mr. Deltsidis Alexandros
Ph.D. student

My research training aims to advance my field of expertise in energy materials. The program rests on the growth, fundamental science and physical - chemical characterisation of low-dimensional intercalation compounds of metal-chalcogenides. The work is designed around the role of non-trivial topology of electronic/ magentic interactions, when structural rearrangements at the atomic scale accompany the different flow of electrons in superconductors and the motion of charges in structurally related energy storage materials.  

Ph.D. dissertation is being carried out at IESL-FORTH, entitled "Electron Correlations in Layered Metal Chalcogenides: Structure and Physical Properties"; degree awarding Institution, University of Crete (Dept. of Materials Science and Technology).


  • 2019, M.Sc. Photonics and Nanoelectronics; University of Crete, Greece
  • 2017, B.Sc. Materials Science and Technology; University of Crete, Greece


  • enhanced electron-electron interactions in low-dimensional materials
  • emergent quantum phenomena in chalcogenide superconductors
  • energy materials for power transmission
In Situ Visualization of Local Distortions in the High-Tc Molecule-Intercalated Lix(C5H5N)yFe2–zSe2 Superconductor
Izar Capel Berdiell, Edyta Pesko, Elijah Lator, Alexandros Deltsidis, Anna Krztoń-Maziopa, A. M. Milinda Abeykoon, Emil S. Bozin, and Alexandros Lappas
Inorg. Chem., Volume:61, Page:4350, Year:2022,