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Mr. Antonaropoulos George
Ph.D. student

My aim is to optimize the growth of transition metal oxide hybrid nanocrystals by cost-effective and environmentally friendly, colloidal chemistry approaches and produce nanoparticle-assembled extended structures, with tunable properties that can yield materials for technological applications (e.g. sensors or memories). The produced nanoparticles are characterized by an armory of complementary methods, including, Spectroscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray diffraction.

Ph.D. dissertation is being carried out at IESL-FORTH, entitled "Self-assembed Nanoparticle Solids for Clean Energy Applications: Synthesis, Structure and Properties"; degree awarding Instiution, University of Crete (Dept. of Chemistry).


  • 2013, M.Sc. Materials Science and Technology; National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • 2011, B.Sc. Chemistry; National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


  • hybrid nanocrystals with synergistic electronic functionalities
  • cost-effective and environmentally friendly approaches to wet-chemisty synthesis
  • clean energy (nano)materials
  • nanochemistry
Vacancy-driven Non-cubic Local Structure and Magnetic Anisotropy Tailoring in FexO-Fe3-δO4 Nanocrystals
A. Lappas, G. Antonaropoulos, K. Brintakis, M. Vasilakaki, K.N. Trohidou, V. Iannotti, G. Ausanio, A. Kostopoulou, M. Abeykoon, I.K. Robinson, and E.S. Bozin
Phys. Rev. X , Volume:9, Page:041044, Year:2019,