Event Dates
From: 29/11/2023 12:00
To: 29/11/2023 14:00
FORTH Seminar Room 1

PhoHS is a cross-disciplinary research team, active at IESL-FORTH for almost 30 years, which pursues innovative research on the applications of advanced laser science and photonic technologies in the field of Heritage Science (HS). Laser assisted removal of unwanted materials and layers is a major component of PhoHS activity given that in addition to research related to optimal laser ablation, it also involves careful analytical evaluation of the laser treated surfaces and purposeful adaptation of diagnostic approaches for effective monitoring of the interventions.

In this talk, highlights representing the latest developments of this activity will be showcased, as for example the initiatives towards its outreaching and the establishment of an open-laboratory allowing a closer interaction with conservation scientists pursuing multidisciplinary research. In fact, in the framework of the NSFR “Open innovation in Culture” project CALLOS our team developed two prototype laser instruments for material analysis (triENA) and cleaning (PaλλAS) currently operating at the CALLOS Open lab. Furthermore, recent advances related to the adaptation of photoacoustic methodologies to follow on-line cleaning interventions and research related to the laser mending of deteriorated historic glazed ceramic tiles (azulejos) will be presented. In parallel, challenging laser cleaning projects carried out within the FIXLAB access service offered by the IPERION-HS EU Research Infrastructure (RI) project will be presented in view of the decisive participation of the PhoHS team, together with other teams of FORTH, to the Greek node of the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (, ESFRI roadmap). Also the international role of the team will be highlighted through its seminal collaboration with the Palace Museum in China.