Protection and promotion of the quality of virgin olive oil, through the development and use of innovative methods for detection of contamination
Start Date: 23/04/2020,     End Date: 22/04/2023

The aim of the project is the application of specialized chemical analytical techniques in combination with innovative methods of optical spectroscopy, for the detection of contaminants (pesticide residues, PAH, Heavy Metals, Mineral oils, 3MCPD esters, disinfectant residues, etc.) for the control of the quality of olive oil from various geographical areas of Crete, from all four prefectures, in terms of its concentration in contamination. 

Τhe goals of this project involve: a. Development of methods, mechanisms, tools to verify the quality of olive oil and protect consumers from contamination of Greek traditional products and foods of high added value. b. the investigation of alternative screening techniques, which are fast, easier and more cost-effective, for the detection of contaminants in olive oil, even the most specialized (Mineral Oils, 3MCPD, QACs), with direct application to olive oil companies at low cost, and c. the commercial exploitation of the above in the CHEMICOTECHNIKI laboratory, which based in Crete, in order to attract customers from Greece and abroad.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Velegrakis Michalis
Researcher Emeritus


Dr. Zoumi Aikaterini
PostDoctoral Fellow
Mr. Orfanakis Emmanouil
Ph.D. student


RIS Crete