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Dr. Tornari Vivi
PostDoctoral Fellow

Studied Optical Holography at the Royal College Art in London (RCA, Royal) in the interdisciplinary department with the Imperial College of Science Technology Medicine (ICSTM, Imperial) and V&A Museum; with European and British scholarships. Master of Science at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and PhD in Applied Science from the University of Sunderland, UK. She has been working since May 1996 as expert research staff at IESL /FORTH. She has brought to IESL the new structural diagnosis activity of Holography and Holographic Interferometry in Cultural heritage research and, through intensive personal work, soon developed with own competitively won funding the Applied Holography Metrology laboratory with which she claimed an active role in shaping new diagnostic technologies in investigation and control procedures in the documentation of movable and immovable CH with laser techniques. She has envisioned, networked, authored and competitively won major European projects that she has coordinated as project coordinator and also as co-coordinator /work package leader European projects from FP4-FP7. At the same time, she has won several international and European /Bilateral/ transnational R&D partnerships as well as Greek competing programs PAVET and PENED. She has been offering her services for years in EC as project evaluator. Author and co-author of scientific publications in journals, books, conference volumes, educational seminars, videos, CDs, etc. Scientific member of optical engineers and cultural scientific communities and organization committee member at international conferences


  • 2014, PhD, Applied Science, UoS, Univ. Sunderland, UK
  • 2009, MSc, Chem. Eng. Material Science, NTUA, Univ. Athens, GR
  • 1996, MPhil/DPhil, Conservation Science, RCA/ICSTM/V&A, Univ. London, UK
  • 1992, PeD, Optical Holography, RCA, Univ. London, UK
  • 1990, BSc, Optics, NTIA Univ. Athens, GR


  • Optical Metrology
  • Coherent Metrology
  • Holography
  • Interferometry
  • Speckle Interferometry
  • Laser interferometry
  • Structural diagnosis
  • Artworks
  • Defect
  • Cultural Heritage


Main Activity

Establisher and head of Holography laboratory and project coordinator at IESL. Research activities range from Holography and Holographic Interferometry (HI) techniques and methodologies for the investigation of artworks; the applications of HINDT for detection, identification and evaluation of structural condition; HI as antifraud technology; physicomechanical deterioration mechanisms; environmental and transportation impact; laser ablation and photomechanical effects; optical prototype system design; experimental verification; on-field campaigns & methodology planning; innovation and research project development.


European Union  


E-RIHS, “The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science” (Horizon 2020-INFRADEV-2016-2, G. A. No739503, Local PI: D. Anglos (


LASERLAB-EUROPE IV,Integrated European Laser Laboratories", H2020-INFRAIA-2014-15, Research and Innovation Action, Grant agreement No: 654148, Team Involvement: D. Anglos, P. Pouli, V. Tornari, G. Tserevelakis, K. Hatzigiannakis (


IPERION-CH, “Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Culture Heritage” (Horizon 2020 - INFRAIA-2014-2015, GA No 654028) Local PI: D. Anglos (

2009- 14 

CHARISMA, “Cultural Heritage Advanced Research Infrastructures: Synergy for a Multidisciplinary Approach to Conservation/ Restoration” (INFRA-2008-1.1.1 Bottom-up approach-228330), Local PI: D. Anglos


SYDDARTA,  “SYstem for Digitisation and Diagnosis in ART Applications” (FP7-ENV-2010-265151) Local PI: V. Tornari


CLIMATE FOR CULTURE,  “Damage risk assessment, economic impact and mitigation strategies for sustainable preservation of cultural heritage in the times of climate change” (FP7-ENV-CP-226973) Local PI: V. Tornari (


MultiEncode,  “Multifunctional encoding system for assessment of movable Cultural Heritage” (SSPI-CT00-6427) Local PI: V. Tornari


LASERACT, “Laser multitask non-destructive technology in conservation diagnostic procedures” (ID: EVK4-CT-2002-00096) Local PI: V. Tornari (


HOLOAUTHENTIC, “Holographic authenticity sensors” (G6RD-CT-1999-00145) Local PI: V. Tornari (


Laser ART, “Non-intrusive laser measurement techniques for diagnostics of the state of conservation of frescoes, paintings and wooden icons” (SMT4-CT96-2062 ) Local PI: V. Tornari




HELLAS-CH, “Synergy ELI - LASERLAB Europe, HiPER &”, (MIS 5002735) Major project on the National Research Infrastructures Roadmap. Co-ordinator: Prof. D. Charalambidis (FORTH), Team involvement: P. Pouli, D. Anglos


OLOTEC, “Holographic method and system development for structural assessment of artworks” (GSRT)


CULTURE 2000”, (CLT 2003-A11-RO-515)


LATECA “Laser technology in conservation of artworks” (GSRT )

A symmetry concept and significance of fringe patterns as a direct diagnostic tool in artwork conservation
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