Linking Quantum Optics with Strong Laser Field physics

Strong laser-field physics and quantum-optics, are two seemingly distinct research domains founded on the classical and quantum description of the electromagnetic radiation, respectively. Nowadays, the understanding of the electrodynamics induced in matter by strong electromagnetic fields, is based on semi-classical approaches. Although these approaches have been used in multidisciplinary research directions in ultrafast optoelectronics they do not provide any access in the quantum optical nature of the interaction as they treat the driving-field classically and unaffected by the interaction.

The aim of the research is to connect these two distinct modern research domains namely Quantum Technology and Attosecond Science. Specifically, the research focuses on the description of the sub-cycle quantum electrodynamics of strongly laser driven materials, the development of quantum optical approaches for studies in the ultrafast XUV range and the development of new schemes for generating non-classical light sources. 

Recently we have developed a theoretical approach for the quantum optical description of strong-field laser-atom interaction [1], which has been followed up by the experimental development of a "Quantum optical XUV spectrometer" [2] used for studies of "sub-cycle quantum electrodynamics of strongly laser-driven semiconductors" [3].

[1] I. A. Gonoskov, et al., Sci. Rep. 6, 32821 (2016).
[2] N. Tsatrafyllis, et al., Nature Commun. 8, 15170 (2017).
[3] N. Tsatrafyllis et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 193602 (2019).

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tzallas Paraskevas
Research Director