Integrated Microwave-to-Optical Conversion by Atoms on a superconducting chip
Start Date: 01/07/2022,     End Date: 30/06/2025

The MOCA collaborative project gathers five research groups in Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Greece) funded by their own respective national agencies but selected at the European level in the framework of the QUANTERA program.


The goal of this project is to pave the way for long-distance quantum communications between superconducting quantum (sub)processors with optical photons. We shall develop integrated chips for the conversion between microwave and optical photons using ultracold atomic ensembles. The hybrid chip developed in this project, with atoms simultaneously interacting with microwave and optical cavity fields, could be connected to superconducting quantum processors and fiber optical communication networks for realizing coherent links between distant computational nodes. Our project will demonstrate experimental techniques for microwave to optical conversion that are integrable on chips. The final goal of the project is to evaluate the operation and optimal design of a superconducting atom chip with integrated microwave and optical cavities for the coherent transduction of photons.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Petrosyan David
Principal Researcher