ACceleraTing Photonics Deployment viA one STop shop Advanced Technology Access for Researchers
Start Date: 01/01/2019,     End Date: 30/06/2023

ACTPHAST for Researchers is specifically designed to providing access for photonics and non-photonics researchers to the advanced photonics technology platforms in order to demonstrate their conceptual breakthroughs with industrially-relevant equipment.

ACTPHAST hereby offers :

  • Internships at photonics technology platforms
  • Hands-on with the advanced photonics technologies
  • Deployment coaching by experienced ACTPHAST4R business development experts

Through ACTPHAST4R you can access 200 of the best experts and technologies from 24 of Europe’s leading photonics research institutes, covering the entire supply chain to accelerate breakthroughs towards prototype, and beyond into mass manufacturing.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Pissadakis Stavros
Research Director


European Horizon 2020 framework