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Ms. Melessanaki Kristalia
Technical Scientist

Kristalia (Alina) Melessanaki holds an arts conservation degree from the School of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, University of Western Attica, Athens (1999) and has been a staff member at IESL-FORTH, since 1998. She has been actively involved in all research activities of the PhoHS group with emphasis on applications related to the use of laser methodologies for cleaning and analysis of heritage objects. Her research interests include laser spectroscopic techniques (LIF and LIBS) for the analysis and characterization of archaeological objects and works of art, laser cleaning applications (icons, paintings, contemporary artworks etc.) as well as evaluation and monitoring of the cleaning interventions using spectroscopic and imaging techniques.

Over the years she has participated in major national and EU projects at IESL-FORTH including IPERION-HS, E-RIHS, HELLAS-CH, POLITIEA-I and II, HERACLES, IPERION-CH, CHARISMA, ATHENA, PROMET, LASTOR, MOBILART.


  • 2001, B Sc, Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, Athens University Applied Sceince, Greece


  • 1999, Training Scholarship, Diagnostics of artworks and archaeological materials (LIBS analysis) & Laser cleaning of paintings, stones, ceramics, glass, ivory using several types of lasers, IESL - FORTH, Greece
  • 1998, Conservation training at Monastery of Saint Katherine in Mount Sinai - Cairo, Egypt


  • Investigating laser-based techniques for cleaning heritage objects
  • Evaluation and monitoring of cleaning interventions using spectroscopic and imaging techniques
  • Use of laser spectroscopic techniques (LIBS, LIF) for analysis on works of art and archaeological objects
  • Non-linear imaging microscopy techniques as diagnostic tools for Cultural Heritage studies
  • Laser assisted removal of polymeric over-layers from paintings



Restoration of vitreous surfaces using laser technology, application submitted to Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on 15 March 2016 and then to European Patent Office (EPO) on 15 October 2018.

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