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Hypersonic Bose–Einstein condensates in accelerator rings
Saurabh Pandey, Hector Mas, Giannis Drougakis, Premjith Thekkeppatt, Vasiliki Bolpasi, Georgios Vasilakis, Konstantinos Poulios, and Wolf von Klitzing
Nature, Volume:AOP, Page:205--211, Year:2019,
Matter-wave interferometers using TAAP rings
P. Navez, S. Pandey, H. Mas, K. Poulios, T. Fernholz, and W. von Klitzing
N J Phys, Volume:18, Page:075014, Year:2016,
Microwave spectroscopy of radio-frequency-dressed Rb87
G. A. Sinuco-Leon, B. M. Garraway, H. Mas, S. Pandey, G. Vasilakis, V. Bolpasi, W. von Klitzing, B. Foxon, S. Jammi, K. Poulios, and et al.
Phys. Rev. A, Volume:100, Page:053416-2, Year:2019,
Precise and robust optical beam steering for space optical instrumentation
G. Drougakis, K. G. Mavrakis, S. Pandey, G. Vasilakis, K. Poulios, D. G. Papazoglou, and W. von Klitzing
CEAS Space Journal, Volume:-, Page:1-9, Year:2019,
Antireflection coated semiconductor laser amplifier for Bose-Einstein condensation experiments
S. Pandey, H. Mas, G. Drougakis, K. G. Mavrakis, M. Mylonakis, G. Vasilakis, V. Bolpasi, and W. von Klitzing
AIP Adv. 8, Volume:8, Page:095020, Year:2018,