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Ms. Dimitroulaki Evdoxia
M.Sc. student

Evdoxia Dimitroulaki  is an MSc student at the Materials Science and Technology Department at the University of Crete, while she holds a BSc degree at the Physics Department of the same university.

She joined the IESL-FORTH for her thesis, followed by an internship, concentrating on “Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy to monitor the controlled laser ablation of aged varnish layers from paintings". 

In 2019 she visited the Institute of Molecular Science and Technologies, of the National Research Council in Perugia, Italy as an ERASMUS trainee aiming at studying FTIR spectroscopy for the assessment of laser cleaning procedures in paintings.



  • 2020, B.Sc., Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece


  • Laser ablation of aged varnish
  • Monitoring of laser cleaning
  • LIF spectrsoscopy
Laser cleaning of paintings: in situ optimization of operative parameters through non-invasive assessment by optical coherence tomography (OCT), reflection FT-IR spectroscopy and laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy (LIF)
P. Moretti, M. Iwanicka, K. Melessanaki, E. Dimitroulaki, O. Kokkinaki, M. Daugherty, M. Sylwestrzak, P. Pouli, P. Targowski, K.J. van den Berg, L. Cartechini and C. Miliani
Heritage Science, Volume:7, Page:44, Year:2019,