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Ms. Bernikola Irini


  • 2002, BSc in Physics, Aristoteleion Apnepistimion THessalonikis, Greece
  • 2007, MSc in Art Conservation Science, Aristoteleion Apnepistimion THessalonikis, Greece


  • 2017 - Present, Research Assistant at Römisch-Germanisches Museum
  • 2017- Present, Research Assistant at Max Planck Insitute for Polymer Research
  • 2005- 2017 Physicist Mcs In COnservation Science IESL -FORTH
Diffusion-model-based risk assessment of moisture originated wood deterioration in historic buildings
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Holographic testing of possible mechanical effects of laser cleaning on the structure of model fresco samples
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Micro-mapping of Defect Structural Micro-morphology in the Documentation of Fresco Wallpaintings
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