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Mr. Andrianakis Michalis
Technical Scientist

Michalis Andrianakis is an Electrical Engineer, graduated of the Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete (HelMedU), holding an MSc degree in “Advanced automation system and robotics”. Since 2010, he has been working at IESL-FORTH. His main tasks include the development of electronic and optical systems, imaging, and systems control software. He has conducted numerous measurement campaigns in Greece and around Europe employing a mobile Digital Holographic Interferometry instrument for in-situ, non-destructive survey of museum objects and monuments in the context of several mobile access investigations supported through the IPERION-CH and POLITEIA-I projects or provided on a service basis.

He has actively participated in major national and EU projects at IESL-FORTH including IPERION-HS, HELLAS-CH, POLITEIA-I and II, IPERION-CH, Climate for Culture, CHARISMA, SYDARTA.


  • 2015,Msc in Advanced Production Systems, Automation and Robotics, Technological Educational Institute of Crete, Greece
  • 2010, Electrical Engineer, Technological Educational Institute of Crete,Greece


  • 2010, Technical staff in Photonics group ,FORTH – IESL, Greece
  • 2009, Training Scholarship, FORTH – IESL, Greece


  • Computer and machine vision
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Applications with Scientific and commercial cameras
  • Computer software applications
  • Systems development
  • Use of spectroscopic and interferometric techniques for analysis on Works of Art, Archeological objects and materials
  • Acquisition (DAQ) devices control
  • Motors speed and position control
  • Robotics
  • Automations
  • Electrical and electronic circuits


I have participate in many training courses within the country and abroad, teaching the use of an interferometric technic

Conducting experiments in 7 countries through a European program, for in-situ non-destructive measurements on artworks and archeological objects (IPERION-CH Molab)

Technical and experimental support to facility users, Post Doc, PhDs, students, conducting experiments in the metrology laboratory at Iesl – Forth, on materials and works of art

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