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Heraklion, Crete, Greece
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A Senior Research Associate in:

  1. on the definition of a common metalevel schema, the SSHOC Reference Ontology (SSHOCro), to provide a semantic interoperability framework for the description of the SSHOC data life cycle, including both the generation and processing of the data; the work will built on existing models such as CIDOC CRM (ISO 21127:2006) and its extensions, the PARTHENOS Entity Model, PROV-O etc.
  2. on the semantic annotation of Heritage Science Data; the aim is to connect semantic modeling of 3D-objects with Heritage Science Data through annotation process; test adequacy of existing modeling and extend. The work includes revision and harmonization of metadata models in use for the documentation of heritage science procedures and standard protocols in the context of materials analysis of cultural heritage objects.

This research will be conducted in the context of SSHOC, which is one of five cluster projects within the larger European Open Science Cloud initiative that will realise the social sciences and humanities part of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) by offering a scalable and flexible access to research data and related services, tools and training adapted to the needs of the SSH community.

The SSHOC project ( aims to provide a full-fledged Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC) where data, tools, and training are available and accessible for users of SSH data. The focus of the project is determined by the goal to further the innovation of infrastructural support for digital scholarship, to stimulate multidisciplinary collaboration across the various subfields of SSH and beyond, and to increase the potential for societal impact. The intention is to create a European open cloud ecosystem for social sciences and humanities, consisting of an infrastructural and human component. Development, realization and maintenance of user-friendly tools & services, covering all aspects of the full research data cycle will be built, taking into account human-centric approach and creating links between people, data, services and training. SSHOC will encourage secure environments for sharing and using sensitive and confidential data. Where relevant, the results of EOSC-hub H2020 project will be adopted. The SSHOC will contribute to the Open Science agenda and realizing the EOSC. The SSH Cloud shall contribute to innovations stemming from the coupling of all heterogeneous data types - and work on the Interoperability principle of FAIR.

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Required Qualifications

  • PhD in Physical Sciences (15%)
  • Extensive knowledge on heritage materials and objects including policies and best practices in the field of Heritage Science (20%)
  • Strong scientific and research background in Heritage Science. Demonstrated long experience with diverse analytical instruments and techniques with emphasis on their applications in studies of heritage objects and samples. Expert knowledge in experimental data acquisition, processing and interpretation in the broader historical or conservation context. Demonstrated experience in scientific data handling, harmonization, post-processing and re-use (25%)

Desirable Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience in participation and running with European or national R&D projects (15%)
  • Good knowledge of the CIDOC CRM (ISO 21127:2006) and its extensions (10%)
  • Strong research and publication record (15%)

Application Procedure

In order to be considered, the application must include:

  • Completed application Form (Download link to the left)
  • Detailed curriculum vitae (CV) of the candidate
  • Motivation letter by the candidate
  • Copies (in pdf format) of academic titles/transcripts

Please send your application and all documents to: and cc the Scientific supervisor marked in the left column

Appointment Duration

5 months