Peter Samartzis


Dynamics probing with light and electrons



Chemical reactions are the result of collisions between reactants (atoms or molecules) of appropriate energy and orientation. Understanding chemistry in its quantum detail means finding out what energies and orientations lead to reactive collisions at the atomic scale.
To address this problem we use two experimental approaches. The first is measuring the energy and spatial orientation of quantum-state-selected reaction products with velocity map & slice imaging. The second approach involves probing the structure of the reactants as they transform into products as a function of time (structural dynamics) with time-resolved electron diffraction as the techniques of choice.

In this talk I will present the labʼs recent slice imaging work on the effects of weak bonding on photochemistry dynamics. We will also discuss the progress on a structural dynamics approach using time-resolved electron diffraction currently under development at FORTH.

Date: 1/10/2015
Time:10:00 (coffee & cookies will be served at 00:00)
Place:FORTH Seminar Room 1