Jose Azana

Canada Research Chair in 'Ultrasfast Photonic Signal Processing', Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS), Center Energie, Materiaux et Telecommunications (EMT), Montreal, Quebec, Canada

On the temporal Talbot effect and its application for noiseless waveform amplification


The temporal Talbot effect comprises a set of self-imaging phenomena in the problem of linear group-velocity dispersion of periodic waveform (pulse) trains. This talk will provide an overview of the fundamentals and applications of the temporal Talbot effect, with a focus on recent advances concerning the use of the effect for lossless repetition-rate division of repetitive pulses and the associated "passive" amplification of the energy per pulse, without employing active gain. The unique noise performance advantages of the Talbot amplification method will be described, and experimental results using optical pulses will be also presented.

Date: 1/7/2015
Time:15:00 (coffee & cookies will be served at 00:00)
Place:FORTH Seminar Room 1