Ágúst Kvaran

Science Institute, University of Iceland, Dunhagi 3, 107 Reykjavik, Iceland

UV/Vis REMPI spectroscopy and photofragmentation studies: What, how, why and examples



Mass resolved Resonance Enhanced Multi-Photon Ionization (REMPI) signals as a function of laser excitation wavenumber for number of halogen containing molecules have been recorded to derive ion dependent REMPI spectra. Signals are formed via resonance excitation to Rydberg or valence (ion-pair) states followed by state interaction and/or fragmentation. Spectra analysis in terms of deperturbation, line-positions, line-intensities, line-widths as well as signal laser power dependences were performed. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation, relevant to the parent molecules or fragment energetics, state interaction and photofragmentation processes were derived. Specific examples will be given.
Recent collaboration work with IESL-FORTH on velocity map imaging studies of the hydrogen bromide will be described and discussed.
[1]Jingming Long,  Huasheng Wang and Ágúst Kvaran, "Photofragmentations, State Interactions and Energetics of Rydberg and Ion-pair states: REMPI via  E and V(B) states of  HCl and HBr, J. Chem. Phys., 138(4), p:044308, (2013)
[2] Jingming Long, Huasheng Wang and Ágúst Kvaran, "Resonance Enhanced Multiphoton Ionization of CH2Br2: Rydberg States,Photofragmentations and CH Spectra", 118(10), p: 1826 - 1831, (2014)
[3] Helgi Rafn Hróðmarsson, Huasheng Wang and Ágúst Kvaran, "Photofragmentations, state interactions and energetics of Rydberg and ion-pair states: Resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization of HI", J. Chem. Phys., 140, p:244304, (2014)
[4] Dimitris Zaouris,  Andreas Kartakoullis,  Pavle Glodic,  Petros Samartzis,  Helgi Rafn Hróðmarsson and Ágúst Kvaran,  "Rydberg and valence state excitation dynamics:
A velocity map imaging study involving the E-V state interaction in HBr
", (To be published).

Date: 8/10/2014
Time:12:00 (coffee & cookies will be served at 11:45)
Place:FORTH Seminar Room 1