C. Chochos, Msc, PhD

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Ioannina, 45100, Ioannina, Greece

Development of Conjugated Polymers with Optimized Optical and Electronic Properties for Organic Photovoltaics


Conjugated polymers are one of the most used important categories of polymers for the fabrication of many optoelectronic applications, such as light emitting diodes, field effect transistors, organic photovoltaics, sensors, etc. In this presentation, it will be demonstrated guide rules for the design and synthesis of conjugated polymers for application in high performance organic photovoltaics. More specifically, it will be presented how minor modifications to the polymer chain, which include the use of different side chains or the placement of different chemical elements in various positions on the polymer backbone affect (optimize) the optoelectronic properties of polymers, hence increasing the photovoltaic efficiency. Finally, important issues regarding the conjugated polymers, which must be resolved in order organic photovoltaics to become a commercial product, will be highlighted.

Date: 12/3/2014
Time:16:00 (coffee & cookies will be served at 15:45)
Place:FORTH Seminar Room 1