Manos Poulakis


PhD Student

Telephone: (+30) 2810 391385





Manos Poulakis is a PhD-student in the University of Crete-Department of Chemistry. He works in IESL within the frame of the program “Ďld Wine-Evaluation and Optimization of the quality factors during wine maturation produced from Cretan red and white grape varieties-Production of high quality wines”. His research in IESL is focused on UV-VIS, Fluorescence and Laser analysis in wines.


During his bachelor studies in the University of Athens-Department of Geology and Geo-Environment, Manos acquired a basic knowledge in this scientific field and his diploma work was "Mineral-Chemical and Spectroscopic Investigation of Carbonate Speleothems from caves of central Crete". The occupation with that issue offered him the opportunity to have a quickly understanding and use of wide range of analytical and advanced techniques. After his graduation Manos got accepted to the Department of Chemistry and he obtained a Master of Science degree in Environmental Protection Technologies. During his MSc project he performed numerous analyses of airborne particulates collected in Paris area and he expanded his skills in analytical methodologies and particularly in inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). As a consequence, he defended his thesis “Airborne trace metals in Paris”.