Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Time-of-Flight investigations of plasmas generated from

AlN targets in case of Pulsed Laser Deposition with sub-ps and ns Ultraviolet laser pulses

We performed a comparative study of the plasma generated from AlN targets under the action of sub-ps versus ns UV (l = 248 nm) excimer laser pulses. Optical Emission and Time-of-Flight spectra recorded in case of samples irradiated with ns laser pulses showed the presence of Al lines, which became prevalent after the first laser pulse incident on target.

The results for the velocity and energy distributions of AlN indicate that in the case of ns-laser (source B) ablation only thermal ions are produced. In the case of sub-ps laser (source A) pulses, a bimodal distribution emerges.


Carmen Ristoscu, Ion N. Mihailescu,  Michalis Velegrakis, Maria Massaouti, Argiro Klini, Costas Fotakis, , “Optical emission spectroscopy and time-of-flight investigations of plasmas generated from AlN targets in cases of pulsed laser deposition with sub-ps and ns ultraviolet laser pulses”,  J. Applied Physics, 93 (2003) 2244


Experimental setup for optical emission spectroscopy investigations

a) and for time-of-flight recordings b), respectively.