Activity Coordinator

Stavros Pissadakis, PhD

Stavros Pissadakis - OSA Senior Member

Dr. Stavros Pissadakis obtained his Ptichion degree in 1994 at the Physics Department of University of Crete, Greece and his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering in 2000 at Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC), University of Southampton, UK. He has been employed as a Research Fellow in ORC, UK, as Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Electronic Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece, and as Visiting Assistant Professor in Physics Department, University of Crete. Since 2003 he has joined FORTH-IESL, while after he was elected Researcher Grade D and was promoted to Researcher Grade C in November 2005 and to Researcher Grade B in December 2009. Since year 2004, he established and Next Position: coordinates the Photonic Materials and Devices Laboratory (PMD-L) in the premises of FORTH. He has been heavily involved in the European Platform Photonics21. His current scientific interests include design and fabrication of optical waveguide and fibre devices for communication and sensing applications, fabrication of photonic crystal structures, laser assisted materials nano-processing and study of photosensitivity in optical fibres and materials using intense laser radiation.


Researcher ID: C-6091-2011

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Staff Researchers

Maria Konstantaki, PhD (Principal Application Scientist)

Maria Konstantaki

Maria Konstantaki received the B.S. degree in Physics from Crete University, Greece in 1993 and the PhD in Electrical Engineering from Strathclyde University, Scotland in 1997. From 1994 to 1997 she was a Marie Curie PhD research fellow in Strathclyde University investigating optical fibre sensors for Structural Health Monitoring applications. In 1998 she joined the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (IESL) where she now holds the position of Principal Application Scientist (ELE B’). She has been involved in research on the non-linear properties of novel materials, photosensitivity studies and grating inscription in standard and photonic crystal optical fibres. Her current scientific interests are focused in the design and development of optical fibre sensors and the endorsement of the technology by end users beyond the laboratory environment. Dr Konstantaki is an author or co-author of more than 100 journal and conference publications.


Researcher ID: A-2412-2014

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Post-doctoral Researchers

George Violakis, PhD (Distinguished Stavros Niarchos Foundation – FORTH Fellow)

Georgios Violakis

Georgios Violakis received his B.Eng. degree in Metallurgy from National Technical University of Athens in 2005, receiving an award from the Technical Chamber of Greece for his diploma work. In 2008 he received his MSc degree in Micro- and Opto-electronics from the University of Crete and in 2013 he received his PhD degree in Photonics from École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. His PhD thesis has been awarded the Professor René Wasserman Award (Switzerland). From 2013-2014 he has worked at EPFL as a post doctoral researcher, investigating novel lasing materials in optical fibers, and fabricating and embedding optical fiber sensors for aviation structural monitoring. From 2014-2017 he has worked as scientific collaborator at Empa, Thun (Switzerland), working in the field of large scale laser microfabrication and in the field of acoustic sensing using optical fiber probes. In July 2017 he joined the Photonic Materials and Devices Laboratory at Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers in FORTH, Greece. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 peer-reviewed international journals and conference publications and is co-inventor of 3 international patents in the field of acoustic sensing. His current research interests are focused in novel non-linear optical materials for use in optical sensors and devices.


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Vasileia Melissinaki [PhD Student]

Vasileia Melissinaki

Vasileia Melissinaki was born in Crete, Greece, in 1985. In 2009, she received her undergraduate degree from the Physics Department of University of Crete and her thesis was entitled: "Two-photon polymerization process for tissue engineering and medical applications". Recently, she received her master degree from the same department on the "Biomedical applications of nonlinear lithography" under the supervision of Prof. C. Fotakis and Dr. M. Farsari. Her experimental work has led to three publications. Having worked in IESL- FORTH for the last four years, her future plans comprise PhD studies on photonics and specifically the fabrication and studying of 3D micro-optical elements on the end face of fibers. Ms Melissinaki is a shared PhD student between the PMD-L group and the Non-linear Lithography group of Dr M. Farsari

melvas (at)

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Nikos Korakas[PhD Student]

Nikos Korakas

Nikos Korakas was born in Athens, Greece, in 1988. He studied Physics in the University of Crete, Greece, and he received his degree in 2012. Recently he received his master degree “Microsystem and Nanodevices” from National Technical University of Athens. He joined PMDL in May 2016 as a PhD student working on experimental and theoretical investigation of disruptive light localization in MOFs for the development of novel photonic devices.

nkorakas (at)

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Former Members and Visitors

  • Georgia Konstantinou Master student (Next Position: PhD student at Photonic Systems Laboratory, EPFL, Switcherland)
  • Eirini Tagoudi Master student (Next Position: PhD student at Laboratory of Applied Photonics Devices EPFL, Switcherland)
  • Dr. Ioannis Konidakis Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Next Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Ultrafast Laser Micro/Nano- Processing Group, IESL/FORTH)
  • Dr. Kyriaki Kosma Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Next Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Lasers for Art's Sake, IESL/FORTH)
  • Dr. Karolina Milenko Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Next Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at Nanoelectronics and Photonics Research Group, NTNU)
  • Dr. Alessandro Candiani PhD Student (Next Position: Post - doctoral Fellow at Group of Applied Electro-Magnetics (GAEM), University of Parma, Italy)
  • Dr. Gianluigi Zito Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Next Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at University of Napoli Federico II, Italy)
  • Dr. Paul Childs Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Next Position: Senior IT Programmer at Allied Express, Australia)
  • Dr. Aashia Rahman Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Next Position: Research IP Professional at GE Global Research, India)
  • Dr. Jan Vanda Post-doctoral Research Fellow(Next Position: Junior researcher at Institute of Physics Czech Academy of Science, Czech Republic)
  • Dr. Michele Sozzi Next Position: PhD Student (Currenty Post - doctoral Fellow(Group of Applied Electro-Magnetics (GAEM), University of Parma)
  • Dr. Georgios Tsibidis Research Fellow IESL - FORTH
  • George Violakis MSc Student (Next Position: Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Optical Fiber Device group, EPFL, Switcherland)
  • Salvador Torres Phd Student (visitor, Univ. Valencia, Spain)
  • Christos Pappas Msc student (Next Position: with FORTH - PHOTONICS)
  • Evangelos Vagiartakis Msc student
  • Christina Spitieri Msc student
  • Michalis Livitzis Msc student (Next Position: PhD student, University of Cyprus)
  • Irini Michelakaki Msc student (Next Position: PhD student, NTUA Athens)
  • Giannis Fragkos Undergraduate student
  • Kostas Pahis Undergraduate student
  • Waldemar Deibel Undergraduate student (Next Position: Head-Hardware Developer at Advanced Osteotomy Tools-AOT AG)
  • Christos Mourikis Undergraduate student (Next Position: Intern at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
  • Stavros Timotheatos Internship
  • Sylvia Fedele Internship