Dr. Vasileia Melissinaki

e-mail: melvas(at)iesl.forth.gr

 Tel.:  +30 2810 391381 (Office)

            +30 2810 391484 (NonLinear Lithography Lab)

            +30 2810 391322 (PMDL Lab)


Interests: Non-linear lithography, Two-photon polymerization, Endface fiber sensors, Biosensors, 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering, 3D micro-implants for medical applications


·      Ph.D candidate, Subject: “Advanced in-fiber and on-fiber sensors and actuators”, Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece. Shared PhD student between the Non-linear Lithography group and PMDL group  Dr S. Pissadakis.

·      M.Sc. in Microelectronics and Optoelectronics, Department of Physics, University of Crete, Greece Thesis Title: “Biomedical applications of nonlinear lithography”.

·      B.S. in Physics, University of Crete, Greece, Thesis Title: “Two-photon  polymerization  process  for  tissue engineering and medical applications”.


·      “Direct laser writing of 3D scaffolds for neural tissue engineering”, V. Melissinaki, A. A. Gill, I. Ortega, M. Vamvakaki, A. Ranella, J. W. Haycock, C. Fotakis, M. Farsari and F. Claeyssens,  Biofabrication, Volume 3 (2011), 045005.

·      “Tailor-made three-dimensional hybrid scaffolds for cell cultures”, S. Psycharakis, A. Tosca, V. Melissinaki, A. Giakoumaki  and A. Ranella, Biomedical  Materials,  Volume 6 (2011), 045008.

·      On the design and fabrication by two-photon polymerization of a readily assembled micro-valve”, C. Schizas, V.  Melissinaki, A. Gaidukeviciute, C. Reinhardt, C. Ohrt, V. Dedoussis, B. N. Chichkov, C. Fotakis, M. Farsari & D. Karalekas, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Volume 48, Issue 5 (2010), Pages 435-441.


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