Mary Manousidaki

e-mail: marymanou(at)

tel.: +30 2810 391128


General Information

Mary Manousidaki is an MSc Student at the graduate program: Microelectronics & Optoelectronics, Physics Department - University of Crete, Greece. Also, she is a member of the NonLinear Lithography (NLL) group at Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser, Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas  (IESL-FORTH) in which leader is Dr. Maria Farsari.

Research Information

Her research profile is associated with Nonlinear Lithography, Direct Laser Writing on hybrid photosensitive materials by Multiphoton Polymerization, Hybrid Photosensitive material Synthesis, fabrication of high resolution 3D Photonic Crystal structures using 800nm fs Laser beam, and fabrication of 3D structures using modified laser beams.

 Her Diploma Thesis, as an undergraduate student of Physics Department - University of Crete, entitled  “3D phase-sensitive photonic crystal biosensors “ was completed at the NonLinear Lithography Laboratory (IESL-FORTH) on September 2012, under the supervision of Prof. Costas Fotakis and Dr. Maria Farsari. This diploma thesis was focused on the fabrication of a 3D photonic crystal (woodpile geometry) for use in bio sensing applications. Direct laser writing method by multi-photon polymerization, on a hybrid organic - inorganic material, was used in order to fabricate fully three dimensional dielectric Photonic crystal (PhCs) structures with sub-100 nm resolution. The PhC structure had the woodpile geometry with 600nm interlayer periodicity. These structures were selectively covered with silver (Ag) with electroless plating. Finally, the optical properties were examined with the help of a Woollam M-2000 ellipsometer, which is based on measurements of phase-polarization properties of light transmitted from the PhC structure, under different ethanol solution concentrations, and sensing results were produced. In this way, a 3D photonic crystal biosensor was developed performing remarkable detection sensitivity.

 Her Master Thesis is related with the fabrication of 3D structures using modified laser beams and is supervised by Dr. Maria Farsari and Ass. Prof. Stelios Tzortzakis (Head of the UNIS group). In this study she is focusing on using a fs laser beam which will be modified from a Gaussian to a Bessel one, an Airy, etc beam, using a Spatial Light Modulator (SLM). This modified beam will be used in Direct Laser Writing by Multiphoton Polymerization of a hybrid photosensitive material in order much higher resolution nanostructures to be fabricated.


Gabija Bickauskaite, Maria Manousidaki, Konstantina Terzaki, Elmina Kambouraki, Ioanna Sakellari, Nikos Vasilantonakis, David Gray, Costas M. Soukoulis, Costas Fotakis, Maria Vamvakaki, Maria Kafesaki, Maria Farsari, Alexander Pikulin, and Nikita Bityurin, 3D Photonic Nanostructure via Diffussion-Assisted Direct LaserWriting , vol. 2012, Article ID 927931,  6 pages, 2012doi:10.1155/2012/927931

Elmina Kabouraki, Konstantina Terzaki, Vasileia Melissinaki, Maria Manousidaki, Maria Vamvakaki and Maria Farsari,’’Direct fs Laser Writing of 3D Nanostructures’’, book chapter in a volume of the series Biological Physics , planning to be published by Springer.

Maria Manousidaki, Andrey Aristov , Kostantina Terzaki, , Andrei Kabashin, Maria Farsari,  ‘’3D phase-sensitive photonic crystal biosensors’’ , in preparation.


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