Welcome to the NLL Group

Group Leader: Dr. Maria Farsari

The NLL Group researches the synthesis of photostructurable materials and their application in the fabrication of micro & nanostructures using NonLinear Lithography. 

We are investigating applications of nonlinear lithography in photonics, metamaterials medical implants, and scaffolds for cell growth and tissue engineering.

Latest News

September 2015: The 3rd FASTDOT “Photonics meets Biology” summer school is on!

February 2015: Group Ph.D graduate Ioanna Sakellari has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship.

February 2015:  Melissinaki and Maria Manousidaki give oral presentations at SPIE Photonics West, San Francisco.

October 2015: Bioprinting and Biofabrication conference in Moscow

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