Direct Laser Fabrication of Biomimetic Scaffolds

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis Dr. Anthi Ranella

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The aim is to investigate cell response of different kinds of cells on laser engineered biomimetic 3D scaffolds of different micro/nano topographies and/or surface energies.


Research Topics
Tissue Engineering
Ultrafast Laser Micro- and Nano- processing



The main aim of this research activity is to investigate the adhesion and bioactivity of different cell types on biomimetically modified 3-dimensional substrates, such as Si and different types of polymers, in order to develop scaffolds for potential use in tissue engineering applications. To this end, we use ultrafast laser structured Si wafers, comprising dual scale roughness in the micro- and nano- length scales. In this respect, the behaviour of fibroblast and neurons cultured on substrates prepared to exhibit gradient morphologies and/or chemistries was investigated. We have shown that it is possible to preferentially tune cell adhesion and growth, through choosing proper combinations of topography and chemistry of 3D micro/nano structures.




A. Gravanis, I. Charalampopoulos, University Of Crete, Medical School
I. Athanassakis, University Of Crete, Dept. of Biology
A. Samara, E. Anastasiadou, S. Pagkakis, Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens
A. G. Kanaras, Physics & Astronomy, University of Southampton.
C. Hosokawa, Biointerface Research Group, Health Research Institute (HRI) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)



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Project Members
Dr. Emmanuel Stratakis
Ms. Chara Simitzi
Ms. Xristina Yiannakoy
Mr. Miron Krassas
Dr. Anthi Ranella
Prof. Costas Fotakis

Last Updated:  7/5/2013