Magnetically Responsive Photonic Nanocrystals

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Dr. Alexandros Lappas

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The advancement of nanotechnology lies in the design of new materials that exhibit novel or superior properties to the systems currently available. Colloidal nanocrystals (NCs) represent very attractive building blocks to create new materials with tuneable chemical and physical properties and as such they have a great potential to produce multi- functional systems with enhanced technological added value.

Research Topics
Functional Nanocrystals & Quantum Magnetism



Nanostructures with controlled dimensions where magnetic and optical properties coexist are most promising for innovative technologies. A major focus of our team entails the combination of chemistry and physics for the development of inorganic materials with potential in diverse applications (e.g. ranging from information storage to biomedical imaging/therapy). For this purpose elaborate colloidal chemistry strategies are employed to control the nucleation and growth of nanocrystals (NCs) at elevated temperatures, while their multifunctional character is studied by bulk (e.g. magnetometry) and local probe techniques (e.g. transmission electron microscopy).



Liberato Manna, Roman Kranhe; IIT, Genova, Italy

Davide Cozzoli; NNL, Lecce, Italy

Alessandro Lascliarfari, Phys. Dept., University of Milan, Italy

Alexis Douvalis; Phys. Dept., UOI, Greece


  • Colloidal Anisotropic ZnO−Fe@FexOy Nanoarchitectures with Interface-Mediated Exchange-Bias and Band-Edge Ultraviolet Fluorescence
    Athanasia Kostopoulou, Franck Thétiot, Ioannis Tsiaoussis, Maria Androulidaki, P. Davide Cozzoli, and Alexandros Lappas, Chemistry of Materials, 24, 2722, 2012

  • Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoclusters with Tunable Optical Response
    A. Kostopoulou, I. Tsiaoussis, and A. Lappas, Photonics and Nanostructures - Fundamentals and Applications, 9, 201, 2011

  • Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Nanometer-size Iron-oxide Atomic Clusters: a Comparison Between GGA and GGA+U Approaches
    K. Palotas, A.N. Andriotis, and A. Lappas, Physical Review B, 81, 075403, 2010

Project Members
Dr. Alexandros Lappas
Dr. Antonis Andriotis
Dr. Panagiotis Loukakos
Mr. Konstantinos Brintakis
Dr. Athanassia Kostopoulou

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