Frustrated Materials and Magnetoelectric Interactions

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Dr. Alexandros Lappas

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Frustration arises when a system cannot minimize all the pair-wise interactions simultaneously because of local geometric constraints. Competing or frustrated interactions extend beyond the condensed matter problems and into biological materials.

Research Topics
Magnetic Materials
Functional Nanocrystals & Quantum Magnetism


The quest for an improved control of the electric polarisation with an externally applied magnetic field (which for example can impact the engineering of novel RAM elements), is directed in a family of strongly interacting materials involving frustrated magnetic interactions. Within this topic we demonstrate fundamental modification of low-dimensional, triangular spin lattices, with anisotropic super-exchange interactions, when spin and/or orbital degrees of freedom are tuneable variables


Andrej Zorko, Denis Arcon; Jozef-Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Bodhan Kundys, IPCMS UMR7504
Artem Abakumov, EMAT, University of Antwerp, Belgium
Craig Brown, NCNR-NIST, USA


  • Substitution Effect on the Interplane Coupling in Crednerite: the Cu1.04Mn0.96O2 Case
    M. Poienar, C. Vecchini, G. Andre, A. Daoud-Aladine, I. Margiolaki, A. Maignan, A. Lappas, L. Chapon, M. Hervieu, F. Damay, and C. Martin , Chemistry of Materials, 23, 85, 2011

  • Coupled Commensurate Cation and Charge Modulation in the Tunneled Structure, Na0.40(2)MnO2
    Izabela Kruk, Pawel Zajdel, Wouter van Beek, Ioanna Bakaimi, Alexandros Lappas, Chris Stock, and Mark A. Green, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133, 13950, 2011

  • Multiferroicity and Hydrogen-Bond Ordering in (C2H5NH3)2CuCl4 Featuring Dominant Ferromagnetic Interactions
    B. Kundys, A. Lappas, M. Viret, V. Kapustianyk, V. Rudyk, S. Romanyshyn, Ch. Simon, and I. Bakaimi, Physical Review B, 81, 224434, 2010

  • Magnetoelastic Coupling in the Frustrated Antiferromagnetic Triangular Lattice CuMnO2
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  • One-Dimensional Magnetic Fluctuations in the Spin-2 Triangular Lattice α-NaMnO2
    C. Stock, L.C. Chapon, O. Adamopoulos, A. Lappas, M. Giot, J.W. Taylor, M.A. Green, C.M. Brown, and P.G. Radaelli, Physical Review Letters, 103, 077202, 2009

  • Magnetic interactions in alpha-NaMnO2: Quantum spin-2 system on a spatially anisotropic two-dimensional triangular lattice
    A. Zorko, S. El Shawish, D. Arcon, Z. Jaglicic, A. Lappas, H. van Tol, and L.C. Brunel, Physical Review B, 77, 024412, 2008

  • Magneto-elastic Coupling and Symmetry Breaking in the Frustrated Antiferromagnet α-NaMnO2
    M. Giot, L.C. Chapon, J. Androulakis, M.A. Green, P.G. Radaelli, and A. Lappas, Physical Review Letters, 99, 247211, 2007

Project Members
Dr. Alexandros Lappas
Ms. Eleni Aza
Ms. Ioanna Bakaimi

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