CW-Laser Filament Patterning of Transparent Polymer Solutions

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Benoit Loppinet Prof. George Fytas

 We are investigating the surprising pattern formation observed when poly-isoprene solutions are irradiated by a CW laser of moderate power (~100mW)

Research Topics
Dynamic Light Scattering


 Fully transparent non-dilute polydiene solutions exhibit optical nonlinearities when irradiated by low power cw laser in the visible. The formation of optical spatial solitons is imaged through phase contrast microscopy. Both (2+1)D and (1+1)D modulational instabilities are evidenced as 2D and 1D arrays of linear filaments formed by beam defocusing or using a cylindrical lens. The origin of the non linearity remains elusive.


 S. Pispas NHRF

R. Sigel, Uni Fribourg

N. Vainos NHRF 

HJ Butt, MPI Polymer Research Mainz

Project Members
Dr. Benoit Loppinet
Prof. George Fytas

Last Updated:  13/10/2009