Biomedical Applications of Nonlinear Lithography

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Maria Farsari


We investigate applications of nonlinear lithography in
biomedical microdevices and medical implants.
Research Topics
Non-linear Lithography


In biomedical microdevices, we use nonlinear lithography technique to build implantable 3D structures. One such example is shown below, where a check mocrovalve has been fabricated using a photostructurable hybrid material. Such devices could, potentially in the future, be implanted in patient's veins whose natural check-valves malfunction.

Prof. Dimitris Karalekas
Department of Industrial Management and Technology,
University of Piraeus, Greece.


  • Materials Processing: Two-photon fabrication
    M. Farsari, B.N. Chichkov, Nature Photonics, 3, 450, 2009

  • On the design and fabrication by two-photon polymerization of a readily assembled micro-valve
    C. Schizas, V. Melissinaki, A. Gaidukeviciute,C. Reinhardt, C. Ohrt, V. Dedoussis, B.N. Chichkov, C. Fotakis, M. Farsari, D. Karalekas, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, DOI 10.1007/s00170-009-2320-4 , 2009

Project Members
Dr. Maria Farsari
Prof. Costas Fotakis
Prof. Maria Vamvakaki
Dr. Anthi Ranella
Ms. Vasileia Melissinaki

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