Laser-assisted removal of overlayers/ encrustations from Cultural Heritage objects; studies on various materials and real case applications

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Paraskevi Pouli

Research Topics
Laser Cleaning


  • A spectral imaging methodology for determining on-line the optimum cleaning level of stonework
    V. Papadakis, A. Loukaiti, P. Pouli, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 11, 325, 2010

  • A Comprehensive Study for the Laser Cleaning of Corrosion Layers due to Environmental Pollution for Metal Objects of Cultural Value: Preliminary Studies on Artificially Corroded Coupons
    A. Siatou, D. Charalambous, V. Argyropoulos, and P. Pouli, Laser Chemistry, vol. 2006, Article ID 85324, 7 pages, doi:10.1155/2006/85324, 2006

  • Multianalytical Study of Laser Pulse Duration Effects in the IR Laser Cleaning of Wall Paintings from the Monumental Cemetery of Pisa
    A. Andreotti, M. P. Colombini, A. Nevin, K. Melessanaki, P. Pouli, C. Fotakis, Laser Chemistry, vol. 2006, Article ID 39046, 11 pages,. doi:10.1155/2006/39046, 2006

  • Removal of dye-based ink stains from ivory: Evaluation of cleaning results based on wavelength dependency and laser type
    O Madden, P Pouli, M Abraham, C Fotakis, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 4, S98, 2003

Project Members
Dr. Paraskevi Pouli

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