Elucidation of laser induced side-effects in Cultural Heritage applications; yellowing of stone and pigments’ discoloration

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Dr. Paraskevi Pouli

To elucidate and overcome unpleasant side-effects induced upon laser irradiation is a step forward for the establishment of laser restoration interventions. Pigments discoloration and yellowing of marble are investigated through series of irradiation tests on model simulated samples.

Research Topics
Laser Cleaning


  • Wavelength and pulse duration effects on laser induced changes on raw pigments used in paintings
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  • Practical issues in laser cleaning of stone and painted artefacts: optimization procedures and side effects
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  • Analytical Spectroscopic Investigation of Wavelength and Pulse Duration Effects on Laser-Induced Changes of Egg-Yolk-Based Tempera Paints
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  • The laser-induced discoloration of stonework; a comparative study on its origins and remedies
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  • Comparative study on the application of the 1st and the 3rd harmonic of a Nd: YAG laser system to clean black encrustation on marble
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  • Studies towards a thorough understanding of the laser-induced discoloration mechanisms of medieval pigments
    P. Pouli, D.C. Emmony, C.E. Madden, I. Sutherland, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 4, S271, 2003

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Dr. Paraskevi Pouli

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