Zn-based TFTs and transparent p/n diodes

Contact Person(s):
Prof. George Kiriakidis Dr. Elias Aperathitis

Investigation on the properties of rf-sputtered n-type ZnN thin films, from ZnN target, and realization of: (a) Transparent Thin Film Transistor (TTFT) having ZnN as channel layer, (b) p-type ZnO:N by converting ZnN into ZnO:N by thermal oxidation, (c) p-type ZnO:N by depositing ZnN in Ar-O2-N2 plasma and (d) transparent p/n diode from a single deposition run (p-ZnO:N/n-ZnN and p/n ZnO).

Research Topics
Transparent Conductive Materials and Devices


Dr. M. Modreanu (Tyndall Institute, Ireland)

Project Members
Dr. George Konstantinidis
Mr. Thanassis Kostopoulos
Mr. George Stavrinidis
Ms. Vassiliki Kampilafka
Dr. Vassilis Binas
Prof. George Kiriakidis
Dr. Elias Aperathitis

Last Updated:  25/2/2013